New yiu fai, 25-27

After 2 nights at chungking we "upgraded" to new yiu fai at Colden court. Just a block away. We walked around at almost every street at every block and tried to figure out this place.

Daytrip to HK island: A walk down to the pier followed by a ferry to the island. From there the superlong escalator uphills to the zoological-botanical garden and very nice views, but dæm high, so we didn't go for VictoriaPeak, as the queue to tramticket was extremely crowded. I mean, VERY many ppl! Besides, it's so high that the clouds touches the top, and on a clowdy day I see no point goin that high.

The garden was kinda awesome tho and the island was indeed more original. Maybe We'll book a luxhotel for the last two days there :)


Hongkong again! 21-24

back in the hoods!
First, we flew Kenya airways...nice! We were gonna check couchsurfers for a stay due to Chinese new year high prices, but ended up on the street. Until a random guy pickes us up at 3am and gave us a room for 400/night. 2 nights we stayed, bed was really shitty and we shared it with a chinese family whos children started scream at 7 am.

Mongkok! With 4 good sides: Dumplings, buns, library and cheap sushi!

Now we got to central, the crazy hasy Chungking Mansions complex. Shortly : Anemic food, lots of people, indian men, expensive shops like Gucci, LV, Rolex and Sasa + Lukfook jewlery.

So far dissapointments: Symphony of lights show, prices of evrything, newyear signs and food. But beginning to find this big city quite cool. Eg. The Kowloon park, small shops and candyshops :D and 80d dealers x)

We are getting good at finding and gps is very helpful here!

Bangkok 20-21.2

One night in Bangkok x) but only next to the airport. There was nothing really...goodbye Thailand.

We still suffer injury from the carcrash on the 15th, where a car crashes stright into our moped at 90km/h and crushed it. This was infront of the unlucky zodiac x( they said we were extremeöy lucky to even be alive, with only 1% chanse of not dieing and only 0,1% not to be suverely injured.

hotel here was nice, very fancy with big bed and balcony.

Asia Trip 2015, me Mupina

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