leaving for city, waiting for the boat :P

when at Baan koh Jum, a bit difficult to find a place to stay again...but friendly ppl trying to help ^_^

next 2 nights

day 8 and 9 if I counted right...things not going too smoothly. He dropped his engagementring in the sea and shit I'd rather not talk about further. Now we are heading for Koh Ban Jum, village and the islandfestival to get food. Here on Koh Jum, Last Fisher beach, food was really much more epensive and not so good. Fusion restaurant up on the hill tho was excellent, delicious but costful. We slept in a bungalow right on the beach. Insidents, accidents and too mittle nourishment. But! Ppl were soooo incredibly kind, just chilling (and smoking) all day long. Thanks to Mango and Billy the walk, it still was a pleasent stay. Mosquitos...still biting!

day 7

KLIA- Krabi, got a ride from a local random guy who drove us to NuaeKhlong and showed us a hotell. We went there and stayed over night. A bit too expensive but it was worth it cuz I had my first deacent sleep...if my flue want count ofc. But still. This room is kinda perfecto!

Mosquitos....I should get some long pants to cover in the evening, and sandalettes cuz its really clumpsy and hot with my shoes. And I will not wear socks with sandals I just won't!! That's waay too 'suomi turisti juntti".

Asia Trip 2015, me Mupina

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