Khuraburi, we left the place at 11-12 and took a 4,5h bus to Chumphon. There we waited for the 22.45 train, which was 120mins late. This followed by a 7h traintrip in a cabin 2ne class sleeper, atleast that was what we payed for....not what we got. It was like an old "taajamajuna" with bugs on board...

7 am at Nakhon Pathom, we walked around, ate some noodles and continued another train to Kanchanaburi, it took bout 2h.

No question bout it, how tired we were, trying to find an internetcafé, then a hotel.....

but so it seems, we have stayed here since...maybe 4/5nights

we planned on going to Laos but as shit keeps happening, we were unable to. Now our last 2weeks are limited to move as little as possible, and not doing so much.

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Asia Trip 2015, me Mupina

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