sun 8.2


Now we find a semi nice spot, the last one at Khao Sok, Morning Mist resort, was a big disappointment. We red that it was luxus standard and wery nice for activities, but it sucked big time with 90% farangs x( hate farang!

But we got to eat nice food and swim in KhaoSok river, with green clear water, in the National park (that would have cost 300 baht each, but we trecked through the jungle and got attacked by angry monkies......and got in for free x)

Oh yeah, but the resort was lux only for homeless ppl...eeeew x(
this was my opinnion. Today we got a bargened taxiride to TakuaPa and from tvere a bus to Khuraburi. We had to stand the 1h busride... But sat on the floor :D ofc

We stay at Khuraburi resort, which seems good. Own little house that is built like a bungalow, but made of concrete. Big size bed, AC and own fridge! Feels really comfy. A bit hard to find good restaurants..or any actually. They eat so crappy food in Thailand, it seems.

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