Tue 3.2

koh jum
okaaaay so we rented a motorbike and drove around the whole Koh Jum, it was extremesporting!!! The roads were so daæm bad x(

Oh well we saw it all, not so nice. There was this Sriboya festival, which sucked..but we got cheap and even free food. We slept in bungalows all the time, dunno what to say about that. Now we miss proper rooms.

one night we got for free at Last Fisher cuz Mango was so kind (and drunk) that he gave us the biggest bungalow on the resort x) for free! And we had so much use of Billy too, we actually allmost had to sleep with him in his bed x) crazy!

Disaster Island. Never again.

Ok so now we slept on Jum for 4-5days I dunno, now we are in Phan-nga city. Here we came by longboat at 13.30 to LaemKruat, tuctuc to Krabi, buss to phan-nga and taxi to city.....fue hundreds gone just travellling x/.

We dunno what's next, have to start planning a lil bit from now on I suppose.

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