Day 4, 25th jan 2015

....check-out at 11 am. Buss back to airport, a bit hardtime finding bus tho...5MYR total and then switch to citysenter bus for 20MYR total.

Arrived gently after 50km driving and followed signs towards monorail. People are very nice and helpfull. We buy tokens for a fue stations and hopp off at ?- where we search for PalmLodge, a little walk through Chinatown.

Guesthouse is locked but we finally get in, get a nice room for 3pers 75MYR/night. Shared bathroom, incl simple breakfast and wifi.

temp is 29'c cloudy with a slight breeze. Very high humidity, feels good :)

Observation of the day: Hongkong Ginseng drink tastes aweful!!

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Asia Trip 2015, me Mupina

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