öNo more rain, just a very high humidity and a little heavy air. It's about 8.30 pm and 26'c. We had an argue about he mocking me and being a jerk, me replying by saying nothing...appearently it's okay to mock me for not getting a lock open directly, as if I'm not imberrased enough for ppl seeing my 5sec struggle....until he can't get it any faster himself....n' as we say: NOLOOO !!
However, we ate chinese fried rice with beans and sprouts, beef and leek...nothing spec but did the filling :P Thai is more my thing....malesian is not so clear for me..can't say really.

canesugar juice...sweet! U don't say x)

Owners daughter is very sweet and talky :) lots of questions and things to tell. If we leave after 2 days, I think I'll miss this place a bit, but looking forward to new adventures n experiences :) as long as someone dsnt have a need to make fun of me or being meeeen xP

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Asia Trip 2015, me Mupina

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