later on Monday

okay so evening at 20.00-
I didn't make any fuzz but when we were walking back from twintowers, and did it not start an argument again hah x)

its midnight. Im in the garden quite alone (just a Dutch guy) and I havn't been eating in 8h... .__. Tomorrow we should leave KL but he just keeps being a jerk saying I should do some research as well and not allways leaving it to him...this is so unfare...I've suggested goin to cameron highlands but that's not good :P Any good ideas anyone?...should we fly to Krabi? Or Trang? Or go to CH :D we'll find out tomorrow..

Now 2.30, had some coconutrice chicken and watermeloniceshake....BRAINFREEZE <3 Sleepytime now, check-out at 11

Kom ihåg mig?

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