vrf rubriker?

So tomorrow is my first day at work on Peders Gård....I´m a bit nervous, not as much as when I took drivers license-tent....I don´t even know where exactly to enter the scene...if u kno wha I mean ;) it takes 25min  by bike to get there so I´ll leave at 08.25 so I´ll be a fue minutes ahead (starts at 9am)
I don´t know what to wear, what to eat (or even when), what to do there nor who the people there are (yeah I know my boss ofcrs x)
We´re planning on me paying rent and living on my own here at home, mum goes to Kantvik...jippii o_____o weill I mean ofcrs I want to live on my own and all that but maybe I´m a bit too nervous about this job right now to see what I was thinking x'D
However my mind is so fucked up nowadays that I couldn´t plan that far...I bearly know what to do within the next hour... Atleast now, I have to go to sleep...gotta get up at 6 am to make sure evrything is okay before I leave, eat, walk the dog, dress and wear something proper for what ever the weater might be. How can a daily thing like gatting up in the morning, be this f´n difficult??? AAAARG

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