day1 : Flight from Helsinki to Hongkong 15h and arriving ar 18pm. Taking the buss e21 to Mongkok and walk to Argylestreet 83, OiSuen guesthouse

day2: Switch room from nbr 13 to 7...still very noicy. A walk around via Nathanroad and soystreet, rounding marketplaces and foodcorners. A meal of noodlesoup. Later search for the Library, reserved tickets to Kuala Lumpur and then eat cheap nice thaifood green curry and mangosmoothie+frozen coconat YUM! Great evening, then tired but hard to sleep still.

day3: Buss to airport T1, flight to KL 3,5h 14.30-18. Arriving after a slight napping and a bit food, looking for a bus to some weird Salak Tinggi where we find a hotel,

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