I had an argument with my mon. Both were yelling and being angry and when I finally had it, I took a pair of shoes (that I first couldn´t decide and ran outside into the night. Then I suddenly realized that I allready had my shoes on. I tried to fit the other pair in my pockets. I ran around for a while, and saw our neighbour. I find her so irritating...I immediately turned and saw a bunch of kids. They sat around a table in the middle of the alley. I stood there, tried to seem invisible for the woman. But she saw me. She looked shocked and turned away. I went walking with Nanna, it was daytime now. I remember I wanted to klimb a tree but I didn´t. We came to a sign saying : 28 km -> Jyväskylä or Järvenpää.....or Nuuksio, not sure. There was a sports field.
Suddenly I was on a beach, not just any though. it was in Africa and mom was to keep a lection in haridressing for the local people. There was a sauna and surfers, it wasn´t that warm. I tried to surf but did not succeed. Allways falling off, but I tried so hard. Afterwards I coul´dn´t get into the sauna eighter. I was so cold. I felt lonely and unneeded whole way through.

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