1.5 -11

I was on the top of a high montain. There was a party or something, but I walked to the edge for a break. Suddenly I saw someone push a man over the edge and I saw him rolling down as the other one kind of jumping after. I ran to see if the had died, but they were gone. I saw a underground cavelike place and went 9nside. I herad someone coming, stood still and hoped they won´t see me. It was a woman, she was right infront of me but I was invisible. I found the place to be a shed for bikes and other sports stuff. I tried to hide from the people there but never found a corpse. Suddenly I found my self at a platform in the sea, trying out a pair of diving foot-gear askin my 2 sister to hold down the platform for me when i came back. But the didn´t give me it so I was about to drown.

några nätter sen..

I sat in the sauna and looked out. I herad music but it sounded odd. I blinked and when I looked upp there was a head of a deer in the window. It came so fast and fast that the whole house shaked. the blood splashed all over the wall and one horn came through. Allso the music changed to laughs from a children that sounded ill. I was so scared I couldn´t move and I saw the rest of the deers body runnig right against me. Insted of the missing head there was tentacles and a big tounge that agressively swooshed in the air. When the deer was about to ran me over...I once again, woke up -.-

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