14-15.1 -12

Ja blir så fitti nä nåt ja just skrivit bara försvinner >_<
 well I don´t have time to write it all over so short version of the dream: Winter and i played a two-sidedpiano in a bar, drove to a school, Jonas Renlund (classmate) stole mi car, and it wasn´t really mine. I went to tha forrest, summer, sat dow on mi bed ???? and called Jenni with a 2e coin??? connection failed and I taped the coin but it was broken. -.-


   okay now I´m confused

2-3.1 -12

I saw a big fireball coming at me  so I jumpet to the side. Me and Camu walked around and I saw another one coming towards us. I took her hand and draged her inside a big yellow house (ours) and as we ran by the guestroom, it hit that room and crashed Camu´s computer. O_O

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