Stories by the broken soul, Part 2

There are times when I can feel like I belong somewhere. That is not the case most of the time though. Every day that is set and ment for togetherness, I am alone, all alone. Is this a reward for being kind and understanding. For doing it all for the sake of others. The soul is stuck, and it can´t find its way out. Alone it drives around searching a glims of light ant warmth. Seeing people inside their useless houses with their useless company. It sickens, its bothers, it gives birth to anger and evil thoughts. For that, shall I live? waiting and waiting for things to change. waiting for people to see how messed up they are for not giving the good one a chance. My soul can´t take much more, the limit will be reached in time. It can not do it by itself anymore.

Stories by the broken soul, Part 1

Thoughts of the day
if only I could be pretty, if only I could have nothing to worry about, how can it be that I got almost all the unchangeable things that no girl wants. I cant stand the pain of knowing how hard I must work to hide all theese falses. At times I feel so trapped indise my body, I´d just wana loose, unchain miself. Like if the pain of being human aint enough, with all emotions and things to overcome to survive. Once there was a time when mankind lived as we are supposed to. This world will collaps one day. and I wana get to inner peace before that.

Testa kläder hemma

Gillar inte att testa kläder i butiken? beställ hem på
 , och helt gratis leverans + återlämning ifall man inte är nöjd :) riktigt trevligt faktiskt!

Längre hår..

Har nu länget försökt odla på mitt hår för att få det riktigt långt och nice men tålamodet räcker inte alltid till...därmed tack till denna uppfinning, nämligen clip-on extensions. Själv är mina skaffade via <  >och de är helt superbra! så väldigt naturligt, både textur och färg :) Just NU har de rabatter påG, kolla igenom sidan ifall ni inte har testat. Lönar sig ;)


Har lite problem med internet här men återkommer inom kort :)


En praktisk mugg för både ute och innebruk!
På länker nedan finns produktinfo

Det är en thermomugg som håller tätt och är lätt i vikt och därmed väligt enkel att ha med sig. Jag själv, som flitig te-konsumerare, använder thermomugg i skolan/på jobbet nästan dagligen. Den här muggen håller drycken varm länge, den spiller ej och ser rätt bra ut faktiskt. Den rymmer 500ml s man kan sörpla i sej under tex. lektionerna utan att behöva fylla på eller tvätta av så fort. Muggen finns i grön och blå på den här länken, jag föredrar grön. Väldigt bekväm i handen!
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14-15.1 -12

Ja blir så fitti nä nåt ja just skrivit bara försvinner >_<
 well I don´t have time to write it all over so short version of the dream: Winter and i played a two-sidedpiano in a bar, drove to a school, Jonas Renlund (classmate) stole mi car, and it wasn´t really mine. I went to tha forrest, summer, sat dow on mi bed ???? and called Jenni with a 2e coin??? connection failed and I taped the coin but it was broken. -.-

   okay now I´m confused

2-3.1 -12

I saw a big fireball coming at me  so I jumpet to the side. Me and Camu walked around and I saw another one coming towards us. I took her hand and draged her inside a big yellow house (ours) and as we ran by the guestroom, it hit that room and crashed Camu´s computer. O_O


Ja va på en ö. de gick  en bro över till fastlandet. Där sprang hjortar o en älg. Sen kom 3 hästar som skulle över bron. den andra, som var en ponny, slinttade och föll sidlänges ner i vattnet. där blev den o ligga, ja kunde inte gö nåt och jag fattade inte varför den inte rörde sej. Jag kollade under ytan. En vass istapp hade farit rakt igenom ponnyn, av vilken det nu blödde tills hela sjön var röd av blod. hmm....

23-24.12 -11

Inatt drömde jag igen om min kanin. Som SURPRISE försökte ta livet av sej. Ja var uppe i ett högt torn på ett loft. ja skrek att alla sku akta så kanin min inga faller över knaten. Just då backade hon utöver kanten. Min puls steg till 1000 o ja skreeeeeeeek. Jag titta ner till marken...hon hade börjat klättra upp tillbaka för att hoppa igen. o igen. o igen. Till sist ville ja ta live av mig själv oxo. men ja jkunde int. Ja bara stirra ut i rymden.

1.5 -11

I was on the top of a high montain. There was a party or something, but I walked to the edge for a break. Suddenly I saw someone push a man over the edge and I saw him rolling down as the other one kind of jumping after. I ran to see if the had died, but they were gone. I saw a underground cavelike place and went 9nside. I herad someone coming, stood still and hoped they won´t see me. It was a woman, she was right infront of me but I was invisible. I found the place to be a shed for bikes and other sports stuff. I tried to hide from the people there but never found a corpse. Suddenly I found my self at a platform in the sea, trying out a pair of diving foot-gear askin my 2 sister to hold down the platform for me when i came back. But the didn´t give me it so I was about to drown.

några nätter sen..

I sat in the sauna and looked out. I herad music but it sounded odd. I blinked and when I looked upp there was a head of a deer in the window. It came so fast and fast that the whole house shaked. the blood splashed all over the wall and one horn came through. Allso the music changed to laughs from a children that sounded ill. I was so scared I couldn´t move and I saw the rest of the deers body runnig right against me. Insted of the missing head there was tentacles and a big tounge that agressively swooshed in the air. When the deer was about to ran me over...I once again, woke up -.-

26- 27.4 -11

This time it all began in the church. I went to the toilets but I couldn´t get int without meating a group of strippers, hairy men and high girls. The last girl seduced me into the toilet but then she sat down in the corner to cry. She took a mini knife and started cutting all over her body. I yelled at her to stop or I will do the same, And the knife cut my troat and whole toilet was in blood. Then I found myself in a knitting competition where i was just about to win, but never saw the end

25-26.4 -11

Camu and me in the swimming institution, swam race and I had to go out. We went to get our shcoolwork and then went back inside to the changingroom. we changed to bikini and went to the pools. First we sat at the edge playing some kissing on the cheeks-game. then we were back working at our plakates. My fronpage was a virtual facebook and I just couldn´t find it! Turned out that mum had sat on it. suddenly I was bikeing and after me came a angry looking little girl. she was maybe 5 and had a tribike. She started scratch her selfe and as I tried to get away in fear, she pulled her own leg off and thru it at me. She fell and so did I, but a car ran over the girl who now was only a memory. The car vanished and the next passing by stopped. I was sitting there in chock and they called the police as if it all was my fult. I got arrested for murder, screaming they took me in. I woke up

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