25-26.4 -11

Camu and me in the swimming institution, swam race and I had to go out. We went to get our shcoolwork and then went back inside to the changingroom. we changed to bikini and went to the pools. First we sat at the edge playing some kissing on the cheeks-game. then we were back working at our plakates. My fronpage was a virtual facebook and I just couldn´t find it! Turned out that mum had sat on it. suddenly I was bikeing and after me came a angry looking little girl. she was maybe 5 and had a tribike. She started scratch her selfe and as I tried to get away in fear, she pulled her own leg off and thru it at me. She fell and so did I, but a car ran over the girl who now was only a memory. The car vanished and the next passing by stopped. I was sitting there in chock and they called the police as if it all was my fult. I got arrested for murder, screaming they took me in. I woke up


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