1.5 -11

I was on the top of a high montain. There was a party or something, but I walked to the edge for a break. Suddenly I saw someone push a man over the edge and I saw him rolling down as the other one kind of jumping after. I ran to see if the had died, but they were gone. I saw a underground cavelike place and went 9nside. I herad someone coming, stood still and hoped they won´t see me. It was a woman, she was right infront of me but I was invisible. I found the place to be a shed for bikes and other sports stuff. I tried to hide from the people there but never found a corpse. Suddenly I found my self at a platform in the sea, trying out a pair of diving foot-gear askin my 2 sister to hold down the platform for me when i came back. But the didn´t give me it so I was about to drown.


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